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Located in the Philadelphia, PA region, Prosit Business Consulting specializes in Lean Enterprise Consulting, Organizational Transformation and Continuous Improvement services for companies nationwide. Prosit’s mission is to provide value to our customers by improving operational excellence and profit maximization. Born from the faith that, if we deliver true benefit to the customer, our success will take care of itself. 

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Why Prosit for Lean?

As you consider options for continuous process improvement, you will see there are many providers. However there is a critical difference in those that have learned about Lean Manufacturing and those who have guided countless implementations.  Lean Manufacturing tools like TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and Kanban are advanced and require expertise and experience. Facilitating Kaizen and Continuous Improvement events demand skills that build teams and create results. Learn More

Implementing Lean

Implementing Lean

Properly implemented tools of Lean yield powerful results. However… knowing what to do, is not the same thing as knowing how to do it. This is where your consulting choice is critical…

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Where to Apply

Where to Apply Lean

Strategy is essential to executing a successful plan. It is critical if you want to achieve meaningful goals. While some organizations get mesmerized by the tools and techniques…

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Lean Overview

Lean Enterprise Overview

Transforming an Enterprise, Organization, Division, Department or Operation requires more than just tools, it requires VISION, HARD WORK, EXPERTISE, and EXPERIENCE…

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