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Our blog focuses on lean consulting and enterprise services, strategies, trends, news and tactics utilized in any company looking to improve operational excellence and profit maximization in the Philadelphia, PA region or across the country.

On a more detailed level, we’ll comment on:

-The lean consulting services Prosit provides to clients
-Strategies for successful implementation and management of business operations
-Company case studies and news
-Industry news and trends

For over sixteen years, Prosit has delivered results-based high quality lean consulting and enterprise services in the printing, pharmaceutical, machining, fabrication, automotive, electronics and food processing industries among others.

We are also pleased to announce that Prosit has moved to a brand new location!

The previous address in Horsham PA, is no longer active.




We hope you take a moment to read this blog when you visit our site – and please get in touch with us. We would like to hear from you.


Advanced Manufacturing: Vital to Performance

As businesses continue to adapt to economic challenges and opportunities, investment decision making remains an important factor. For manufacturers, selecting and implementing advanced manufacturing capabilities and technologies is one force […]

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Lean Assessment Process

Inspired by core lean principles, a lean assessment process is critical for starting and/or sustaining the standardized process focused on eliminating waste and creating value. In this straight forward five […]

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Leveraging Lean Office Principles

Leveraging lean manufacturing principles to develop an efficient, competent and adaptable lean office culture is not a new idea, but one that has grown more urgent in recent years with […]

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Green Value Stream Mapping

Similar to how value stream mapping has helped many to understand and identify waste from a business viewpoint, mapping the green value stream will also help them surface environmental issues […]

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Talent Acquisition in a Recession

Business leaders, human resource managers and others involved in talent acquisition may be in for a challenging time. Some economists are predicting a potential recession in the next few years […]

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Lean Manufacturing: Doing More With Less

One of the big trends in manufacturing today is how lean manufacturing can help manufacturers meet production goals with a limited workforce, inflationary costs for materials, reduced internal and external […]

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Preparing for Lean Transformation

Every lean transformation effort is unique to the specific company. However, there are reasonable questions that help guide your company’s lean journey. Many people stress that picking the best time […]

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