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Our blog focuses on lean consulting and enterprise services, strategies, trends, news and tactics utilized in any company looking to improve operational excellence and profit maximization in the Philadelphia, PA region or across the country.

On a more detailed level, we’ll comment on:

-The lean consulting services Prosit provides to clients
-Strategies for successful implementation and management of business operations
-Company case studies and news
-Industry news and trends

For over sixteen years, Prosit has delivered results-based high quality lean consulting and enterprise services in the printing, pharmaceutical, machining, fabrication, automotive, electronics and food processing industries among others.

We are also pleased to announce that Prosit has moved to a brand new location!

The previous address in Horsham PA, is no longer active.




We hope you take a moment to read this blog when you visit our site – and please get in touch with us. We would like to hear from you.


Supervisor Training

Prosit Business Consulting has driven success with supervisor training.  Our niche is targeted at improving the growth and development of either new or inexperienced supervisors, managers, and employees in their […]

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Coffee Kaizen

Learn the Kaizen concepts, process and tools in this demonstration by the Prosit crew of what many consider a critical morning activity: making coffee! Prosit highlights how to utilize spaghetti […]

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The Value of Organizational Development

Organizational development addresses many problems. Is your company suffering from high turnover? Are you having trouble filling open positions with new team members? Do you worry about current work force’s […]

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Prosit Organizational Development

5S Basement Project Video – Pt. 2

5S is a very powerful organizational and efficiency tool for any application. If your company is frustrated with missing deadlines, shipping out the wrong or incomplete product, losing orders to […]

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Overcoming Resistance with Patience

As lean enterprise consultants and, therefore, change agents in the workplaces of their clients, Prosit consistently strives to incorporate patience into every service they provide. Giving the client time to […]

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Good vs. Average Lean Consultants

As there are in any professional setting, there are good and average lean consultants pitching their services and expertise. What is the difference between a good and average lean consultant? […]

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Prosit 5S Basement Project Video

Do you have poorly organized cells in your facility? Does each cell or team follow a standard work flow to maximize efficiency? Is the shipping department running behind or sending […]

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5S Project Video

We will soon be launching a 5S Video detailing a specific project in the upcoming days. 5S is the lean manufacturing acronym for Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and […]

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