Supervisor Training

Supervisor training is a consistently overlooked aspect of a team’s production and performance. Many organizations have enjoyed strong growth in recent years. Your customers require higher performance in delivery, service, cost and quality. But while sales and demand has increased, the human assets required to satisfy those larger demands also grow.

Prosit Supervisor Training

The typical answer is to hire new people which has become very difficult. The challenge is finding the right applicant with the right skills for your urgent needs. The training curve can be high and the return on investment is slow. The second solution is to hire within the organization, promoting your best workers to a position of leadership. This results many times in a company losing its best workers and now suffering with undertrained, under-skilled leaders. This is a really bad yet common condition. If you consider your own company, you have probably already seen similar situations. Add a pandemic or any other crisis and the difficulties and challenges become a perfect storm.

The key to the solution is the people. When your company chooses to invest in your underperforming leaders and they are selected for Prosit’s Supervisor Training, we collaborate with management and each leader to assess the concerns and evaluate their current environment. We work directly with the leaders to identify what is working and what is not. We develop an intervention or plan to establish sound practices and processes to help manage the performance of themselves and their teams. We call this Lean Daily Management.

Retention and proper onboarding challenges also greatly impact the performance of new employees, or even seasoned ones as new products are introduced. Organizational Development tools like Standard Work and other Lean training tools reduce variation in process while assisting associate growth into more productive team members.

What about the leader themselves? How do they talk with people? How do they present goals or measure subordinates? How do they communicate with management in a way that expresses truth of status, while also providing management visibility of the aspects of the work that need their attention? Prosit helps assess leaders’ skill gaps in communication, teaching, process development, accountability and other potential weaknesses that need to be improved in order to provide the leadership that is required in order to meet customer demands. We also work directly with management to assure transparency progress or concerns.

Group Supervisor Training
Prosit has a suite of standardized training tools and techniques that are appropriate for group or peer sessions. This makes sure all leaders are using the same terminology and approaches while also reestablishing leadership “team” mentality. These group workshops are meant to solve group problems. These are systemic issues ranging from specific policies to even differences in how leaders maintain discipline. The goal is to minimize differences between shifts or leaders in how they apply and mange procedures.

Individual Supervisor Training
Each leader has very unique strengths, weaknesses and experiences. In order for the leader to be a professional leader, they may need professional individual coaching. Prosit’s approach to customized training relies on management collaboration, visibility of progress and concern, and measurable goals to make improvement objective.

Please contact Prosit for any of your supervisor and leadership training needs in the Philadelphia, PA region or across the country.