Lean Project Management

The goal of any lean program is waste elimination and process improvement. Much of this improvement will depend on a solid foundation of visual systems and communication. The implementation of these and other systems requires dedicated resources and time. Often an implementation of any new process or system fails because of lack of “ownership” or difficulties in managing the details.  Many organizations do not have the available resources to drive the change process or to even handle the little details that can make change difficult.

Prosit offers a unique ability to assist with Strategy development AND the Tactical deployment ad needed.

There is no substitute for employee involvement and top down commitment to enable change, these will still be critical to the success of any changes.  However, expanding your capabilities by getting assistance with managing the project details enables you to free up resources.  Additionally, we can help keep the team goal focused and provide a vehicle for accountability to make sure the results are achieved.

Each company is different but we offer a set of skills to be able to adapt; whether it’s line balancing on an assembly line, organizing work flow in an office, or managing 2-3 supervisors that are new to the company or position that need coaching.

In our experience it has been the latter. Supervisors are very green in their shoes and just want to keep their head above water. They are able to lean on Prosit for guidance, on the return, managers can get a current status explanation from Prosit on how that supervisor is either improving or falling through. The added benefit to this approach is more productivity.  The supervisor will learn their line, anticipate problems, and also use “Lean thinking” when troubleshooting how to improve.

We will customize our assistance to match the needs or gaps you may have in your implementation. Please contact us for any of your lean project management needs in the Philadelphia, PA region or across the country.