Case Study: Optimizing Organizational Development Process

One of our clients, a trusted local manufacturing company, had been struggling with organizational development process. Like many companies, one of their main issues was optimizing their training processes to aid new employee retention.

Turnover was through the roof, and because of their extensive training program, new employees were intimidated and unaware of all the intricacies of the job. They also had long time employees, who knew the positions very well, running all of the training. New employees were being put in a position where they had to somehow learn to fly before they could walk or run.

Prosit was hired to evaluate and optimize the processes. The first step was assembling a dedicated team that would be directly involved in improving their current process. The trainers understood all the concepts, but provided little structure, follow up or documentation for the new employee sessions.

The team then developed an overall process outline for the training sessions. This was to “lower the temperature” and put the new employees at ease. One of Prosit’s consultants even went through the training program himself to gain knowledge on a first-hand basis.

Using this expet rience, the team was able to craft an “onboarding process” starting when the prospect contacted the company all the way through to when they were hired. In addition, the team developed an ongoing employee matrix to track the progress of each employee.

This entire process resulted in new policies and actionable procedures to help the trainers facilitate the sessions.

Previously, if an employee was not up to par, an arbitrary description like “not fast enough” would be noted by the trainers. Now with the current organizational development process, there is an individualized scorecard for each employee to track their progress and what level they are currently on during each stage of the training. It has helped eliminate discrepancies and made the decision to proceed or to move on from the prospect clearer.

The process continues to be utilized by the client today and Prosit has acted as project managers on the case to ensure the overall objective is still being achieved.

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