Case Study: Restoring the Lean Transformation Journey

One of our clients, in the pre-pandemic world, had been involved in a lean transformation process and incorporated lean practices throughout their business operations so well that they had become a model for other companies. The business set up visuals all over the shop floor, integrated standard processes for their production lines and arranged tours for other companies to see how effective lean practices can be when the full commitment of leadership is behind it and there is widespread buy-in from the employees.

Unfortunately, like many businesses, the pandemic hit them hard and the focus had to shift from a growth approach to practices meant to ensure the company survived in the best way possible for all involved. Once the pandemic eased and the company began to emerge from survival mode, Prosit, since they had an existing relationship with the client, was ready to help them start rebuilding and right sizing their lean practices again.

The goal is to return to the lean transformation journey. Prosit is currently working to retrain operators and managers in the various lean processes and include important improvements like signage, visuals, layout, and basic 5S and 8 wastes training.

This is an ongoing lean transformation process, Prosit and the client have both committed to completing the journey and fully realizing the value for the client. There are established quarterly goals, consistent monitoring and data tracking to ensure everything stays on course. With most of their workforce being new employees, learning the lean terminology and methodology takes time. That is one main reason Prosit and the client started with basic 5S and 8 waste training. The next goal is to identify new key performance indicators (KPIs) and reinforce the quality standards set up for everyone on the shop floor.

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