Case Study: Effective Workplace Organization & Process Mapping

Leveraging workplace organization and process mapping effectively to respond to market demand and drive growth is vitally important. Prosit had the opportunity recently to prove the truth of that statement.

One of their clients, outside of the greater Philadelphia, PA region, requested help with optimizing the production of a brand new product to be sold nationwide at a very high volume. The current production line was not designed for this high of an output and required a significant overhaul. In addition, there was no documentation or training developed for the many processes, tasks and functions involved in the production.

Starting from scratch, Prosit coordinated with all the relevant stakeholders and developed an attack plan. Prosit laid out the entire line using a process map to show current state and then managed the brainstorming session to design the future state process map, charting the new flows with the team.

Prosit then worked with the various operators on their new roles and responsibilities with the end goal in mind. Talking with the front line workers, Prosit developed multiple new process flows and standard work for the production line.

Creating effective standard work and empowering the people most directly engaged in the processes are positive workplace organization practices. It also allows the management team to focus on running product, tracking metrics and their other responsibilities.

The production line team now has tangible workplace organization elements, including documentation of processes, training practices and standard work to help the company maintain the production improvements and enhanced morale. The client also has three shifts so Prosit made sure that the documentation and training can be communicated clearly and easily. The client continues running the new product and delivering to their customer on a timely basis.

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