Good vs. Average Lean Consultants

As there are in any professional setting, there are good and average lean consultants pitching their services and expertise.

What is the difference between a good and average lean consultant? Good lean consultants are very effective facilitators whereas average ones do not demonstrate that skill at all or are not as effective in providing that support for their clients.


Average lean consultants tend to oversell their services, promising much more than they ever could deliver and dashing the artificially raised expectations in the process. They do not focus enough on listening to the client, understanding their business, diagnosing efficiency and production issues, getting to know the employees on the floor and collaborating with clients to implement viable long-lasting solutions.

Contrast this with a good lean consultant who is honest with the client; there will be incremental steps to achieve clear goals and it will take everyone working together to achieve and sustain those new standards.

An effective good lean consultant facilitator will listen to the client, make recommendations based on data and deliver what the client needs.

Some other basic qualities for a good lean consultant is that they are willing to work with the shop floor value adders. The people who work in that area are the most crucial pieces to creating real change. Yes, the management team are the ones who hired the lean consultant, but the real key is can a consultant play ball with the value adders. Next, a good consultant should always ask for a plant tour, getting to know what atmosphere they are working in, additionally everyone gets an initial look at them so it’s not so much of a surprise when the consultant officially shows up.

Finally, a true facilitator has to be able to work with a large array of personalities, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Having the ability to “give and take” with new faces is very important. Not all of a consultants ideas are correct and they should know that they can learn a lot from the value adders on an everyday basis.

Our mission at Prosit is to be that effective lean consultant facilitator. Please contact us for any of your company’s lean consulting or enterprise needs; we love solving problems and helping clients build sustainable solutions.

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