Lego 101: Lean Manufacturing Simulation Video

Welcome to our Lego 101 Lean Manufacturing Simulation Video.

This simulation is an exact model of how Prosit works with clients to implement and leverage the power of a customized continuous improvement process. Takt time, cycle time, number of parts through and responding to different demand levels are just some of the aspects touched on in the simulation.

The lean manufacturing  simulation is presented in multiple phases to highlight how repetitive practice teaches people to identify and resolve problems, sharpen their skills and apply the lean manufacturing concepts, 5S, Kanban and Kaizen, as a team and individuals.

We never get tired of watching people go from confusion and frustration to confidence and satisfaction as they understand the value of the process and integrate it naturally into their daily work flow. There are also targeted training sessions in between the phases to reinforce the lessons learned.

Reach out to us with questions or help with an lean event at your company.


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