Supervisor Training

Prosit Business Consulting has driven success with supervisor training.  Our niche is targeted at improving the growth and development of either new or inexperienced supervisors, managers, and employees in their leadership roles.

Prosit quickly learns how each company operates in any given area through observation, input from stakeholders and interpretation based on their experience. We understand all companies are different, but the core is always the development and performance of their employees.

A professional supervisor should be able to work in “Company A position” or “Company B position” by using the tools we teach, regardless of the product line.

Using our process assessment capability, a company can now hire a supervisor/manager, bring Prosit in and we will train and oversee their growth within that area. The rate of supervisor training is entirely up to the client and can be modified as needed (ex. 5 straight days, 1 day, monthly, etc.).

We can pick out the details and see if that employee has what it takes, localize improvement areas, and effectively grow them to be a professional supervisor in a condensed time.

Growing employees is no small feat, arguably one of the hardest, especially if a company does not have the bandwidth to properly train their supervisors. However, having a dedicated lean consulting resource like Prosit to focus all of their energy into training your supervisors will  increase your chances of developing a supervisor you can count on.

Reach out to Prosit for any of your manager and/or supervisor training needs.











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