Optimizing Your Home Office

During this pandemic, I know I can’t be the only one that has a tough time focusing when working from home. Most of this is cultivated from distractions of our “home life”. To combat this, I find that a well organized, clean and optimized desk and/or home office eliminates problems and helps me regain focus quicker. To that end, I recommend:

·       Organizing your workspace as if you were in the office

·       Removing basic distractions like TV, Netflix, video games etc..

·       Wake up, have breakfast and prepare as if you were going to the office

·       Change your mindset by wearing clothes you would wear to the office

·       That means changing out of your sweats or pajamas. Slippers are ok though. 🙂

·       If you like coffee or tea, brew yourself a cup

·       Build your team an agenda

The objective here is to continue the mindset of when work “starts” and “ends” and use your desk and/or home office as separate from the rest of the house. Once you enter that space, the focus is on work, getting things done, working with your team, checking in with customers and vendors and whatever else your job entails.

This should help us working from home focus on our goals and complete agendas.

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