Prosit 5S Basement Project Video

Do you have poorly organized cells in your facility? Does each cell or team follow a standard work flow to maximize efficiency? Is the shipping department running behind or sending out the wrong material? Are deadlines constantly missed in the office? All these issues could be addressed using 5S – Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain – in your workplace.

Watch the below video for full detail on how a 5S event should be conducted. The elements of 5S are tools of  lean process improvement that build visual factory and workplace organization. These tools can be applied in almost any situation; around a machine, in an office, shipping department, inventory room, and even in your own home.

The takeaways include understanding the benefits of 5S, learning how straight forward it is to implement, how it can be applied to any organizational situation and the results it can generate for companies and their employees.

The 5S event was for a basement storage layout. Prior to this, there was no order, no labels, no color coding, and no reasons for why things were put in certain places. We did a complete overhaul with no “S” left untouched!

Please contact Prosit for any of your 5S or other lean enterprise or consulting needs.

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