The Value of Organizational Development

Organizational development addresses many problems. Is your company suffering from high turnover? Are you having trouble filling open positions with new team members? Do you worry about current work force’s upside and growth potential?

If so, your company is like many others across the country. The reliance on people will not go away. Your customers will continue to increase demands and you in turn will need to squeeze higher performance from your team. From recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, developing and promoting, how we handle people must be considered as crucial as production itself. In fact, managing the human capital is very much like a sales and production process.

How can you ensure your company is prepared to continue meeting this challenge? Having a strong organizational development process is necessary to unleash your team’s capabilities and maximize your company’s “People Production”.

This is not a HR issue. The approach and goals of a human resources department in a company differs from an organizational development process in the same enterprise. In general, HR departments are typically not built for production or performance; they are built around regulatory and legal compliance, reducing labor costs and mitigating risk for management. Typically, they are also woefully understaffed and lacking in authority within organizations.

Prosit’s approach to optimizing “People Production” mirrors our tactics for Lean Manufacturing. Using Value Stream Mapping techniques (if not actually performing the mapping process), we document the Current State, identify opportunities for system improvement and tactical improvement, look at strategic weaknesses, and help prioritize an implementation plan for high performance teams.

These can range from poor hiring practices, inadequate early or ongoing training, unclear Standard Work to use to train, goal conflict, or many other targets for improvement. Supervision and Leadership could be underperforming and perhaps could benefit from investment in the form of Supervisor and Leader Training.

We believe many “people” challenges are rooted in poor or non-existent processes. By focusing on process, things become measurable, objective, and visual which helps the team stay connected to the improvement effort and not personalities and other challenges.

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