Thinking Outside The Box

Please forgive the intrusion, we hope this post finds you well.

This message is being sent to our clients, friends and trusted partners that we have been blessed to service either directly or through our wonderful relationships with other consulting firms like DVIRC, Change Management Associates, Industrial Management Services, and others.

For over ten years Prosit Business Consulting has been honored to get to work with you. For some of you it has been a long term relationship, for others it has been a while since we have seen each other. Still some of you are just getting started with us.

Three years ago PBC became a family business, as my son Shane joined the effort.  We both are proud to deliver Lean, Project Management and Organizational Excellence services to our clients.

Today, we all face an unprecedented challenge to our businesses.  With the current crisis and uncertainty, many organizations are struggling to keep the doors open while others are struggling to meet demand.  All while personal challenges like cancelled schools, closed entertainment, dropping stock market and oh by the way potential health issues impact us daily.

Our message to you is that Prosit and our strong network of partners stand ready to assist you in this difficult time.

Lean might not be on the front burner right now, but because of the current crisis:

  • Do you have a hole in your direct leadership team? Is production going unmanaged?
    • We can stand in.
  • Do you have gaps managing projects and overseeing changes already started?
    • We can help manage that, even remotely.
  • Are there urgent needs that could benefit from a hard hitting rapid Kaizen, but you don’t have the bandwidth?
    • Let us help develop and personally implement turnkey “NOW” solutions for you.

What are your immediate needs? Call us to discuss what the match might be. Now is the time for true out-of-the-box thinking, we are ready to help.

Our extensive hands-on experience and network may be able to assist right away.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you in the past and work again with you in future.  These troubling times will pass, stay encouraged, stay healthy and stay kind.


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