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Preparing for Lean Transformation

Every lean transformation effort is unique to the specific company. However, there are reasonable questions that help guide your company’s lean journey. Many people stress that picking the best time […]

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Continuous Improvement Culture

At Prosit, we are focused on helping clients build an organizational development process based on continuous improvement that begins with developing the strategy that works for your organization. The strategy […]

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The Five Lean Principles

Lean started from the evaluation and optimization of manufacturing processes. More recently, lean practices have expanded to include knowledge work, management, analytics, and development. Any process that would benefit from […]

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Is the Just in Time Model Dying?

The unprecedented supply chain and global trade disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to questions about the viability and sustainability of the Just In Time (JIT) model for […]

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Equipment Maintenance Strategy Options

How organizations manage equipment maintenance can greatly impact their overall productive capacity. Determining when a machine gets taken offline for regular service comes down to a decision between the potential […]

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